life is good

hello yellow

sewn paper patchwork

the first curry I ever made

we had a busy, busy weekend...
friday: i took that all-day free-motion quilting class i mentioned in a previous post, and man, it was a LOT of fun. my stitches don't look that fabulous yet (still getting down the technique), but i have been practicing a little every single day and plan to continue practicing until i get the hang of it. i left the class feeling so inspired!!
saturday: had a seasonal dinner dinner party with our friends mike, yufei, and nicole and aaron (+ little miko). we get together at least once a season and make a big dinner at one of our houses for all to share. on the menu this time was a leg of lamb (coated with garlic and fresh rosemary & thyme from the garden), peas au gratin, grilled asparagus, a green salad that included some lettuce from the garden. yufei is a pastry chef; she brought the most gorgeously rich rice crispy thing topped with chocolate and peanut butter, and a killer peach pie. pete made his famous kumquat mojitos, we also had copious amounts of good quality cheese and wine. all in all a delicious and fun day! can't wait to do it again! yesterday i made a curry (the first one i've ever made!) with some of the leftover lamb (see above).
sunday: spent some time in the community garden putting compost and mulch around our tomato, pepper, squash, lettuce, chard and celery plants. afterwards, we went to the city and walked around, visited purl, ate at a tapas place in greenwich village, and ended our day at kinokuniya. wonderful!