she's three!


poppy's THIRD birthday was last friday (august 19th).
we can hardly believe it.
she is the awesomesauce.
favorite activities: reading, painting/drawing, digging in the sandbox, playing with duplos. avid collector of hello kitty stuffed toys. she's basically a huge hello kitty fan all around. so cute.


it's been a crazy summer.
bittersweet news:
we're moving to chicago next month. pete's office here is closing, and they are moving everyone back to the chicago office.
i'm a little sad to be leaving (the) new york (area), but happy to leave greenwich (not my scene) and i'm kind of looking forward to going back to chicago. it's a bigger, urban, vibrant city (compared to greenwich!) and i kind of know it already (having lived there 5-6 months in late 2009-2010).
trying to think positive. :)