sweet home chicago

on the blue line

we're here!
we arrived earlier this week, after a two and a half day road trip that took us through new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana and illinois. sounds like a lot but it wasn't bad at all, roughly a 13 hour drive (not attempted all at once, thank goodness!).
we started looking for a place on monday and found an amazing ultra modern apartment that same day, in the river west area, kind wedged between wicker park and the loop/river north. we move in late next week. it all happened faster than i had expected. i'm sure it will take a while to get settled. i'm used to it now. :) will possibly post some photos when that eventually happens.
my soul already feels lighter, being back in a big(ger) city. the bustle and movement and diversity are energizing for me.
living in suburbs was difficult; and greenwich, ct is a very tough suburb to get into, no matter which way you slice it. i don't miss it one iota.