goals for 2012

it took me a couple days to formulate some plans.

quilting related

  • keep quilting.  quilt more and more as time allows.
  • push myself, and stretch myself when it comes to quilting.  strive to keep trying new things, developing new ideas, and follow through with those ideas and finish those projects.
  • work toward finding and developing my own personal quilting style.
  • improve my machine quilting skills.  move beyond straight lines.

art/photo related

  • take more pictures.  via the slr and via the phone (instagram, etc.).  i.e., more photos by any means necessary.  photos of anything and everything, myself, poppy, peter, anything around me.  just get back into it.
  • paint more.  acrylics, gouache, watercolor, whatever.
  • take a painting class.
  • draw more too, damnit.
  • use what I learn in my fabric silkscreenng class to make fabric for art, clothing and quilting.  don't end the class and not continue on with what was learned.  perhaps use this fabric to as above in the quilting section, enhance my personal quilting or fashion design vision, as it develops and continues to develop.

fashion related

  • try a little harder.  been in too much of a rut the past couple years.   have fallen into wearing "uniforms".  so, i want to strive to try harder to express myself every day.  maybe even document it again, but can't promise anything.
  • keep making more of my own clothes.  use hand printed fabrics and marimekko stash to make some new dresses.


  • read even more books.
  • do some traveling.  preferably out of the country, or at the very least, go somewhere in the states where i/we have never been.
  • make new friends.
  • spend more time doing art with my daughter.
  • eat even healthier.  cut back on the sweets.
  • take a dance or yoga class.
  • walk more.

i'm well aware that the turn of a new year is an arbitrary date on which to set goals, as goals can be set and strived toward at any time or date throughout the year.  still, i like it...it's a time to look back and reflect on the year gone past and formulate plans to make the year ahead as fruitful as possible.  never a bad thing.