solids log cabin, in progress

pretty trash

solids log cabin, in progress

confetti like offcuts

laying out the rainbow log cabin

for the past week or two i've been diligently working on a solids log cabin quilt.  each block is about 9 inches finished.  it will probably be roughly 6 foot by 6 foot when finished.  it's a simple pattern, yes.  but the whole idea was to play around with color juxtapositions using only solid colors.  i was loosely inspired by the color pairings and placement in these awesome geometric art pieces that are hanging in our hallway.

 i am thinking of trying to quilt it using a concentric circle pattern emanating from the center of one of the blocks, one that's off from the center so the circle pattern is asymmetrical.  if that makes sense.  i am still getting my sea legs with the actual quilting stuff so hopefully i can make that happen without making a mess of it.  

i'm thinking of quilting it with a yellow thread but will likely audition some other colors as well.