tumbler throw

red green and brown tumbler quilt

red green and brown tumbler quilt closeup

oh, hey, lookie, a finished quilt!  haha!  here's one i started in approximately 2011, when i was still living in greenwich, CT.  i pieced it and quilted it in 2012, and bound it in 2013.  it took me until just recently (THIS MONTH!) to wash the dang thing and manage to take a photo of it.  yes, i am the slowest quilter known to quilting kind.  :)  or i've been too busy piecing other quilts or something.  but hey, at least i get things done eventually, right?  :)

the whole inspiration for this one was the chartreuse floral fabric (you can see it about 6 blocks over from the left on the bottom row); it was some liberty fabric i bought when i lived in san francisco (circa 2006-2009), from the fabulous britex (near market street/downtown).  i went for a contrasting color scheme and threw in a little brown.  i guess i was thinking of a retro, kind of 70s colorway.  i didn't intend for it to be Xmas-y (not my thing!) but it kind of has that feeling anyway!  so be it.  i rounded off the corners (with the assistance of a plate!) for the hell of it).  it's about throw size.