blogs i love: the wingtipper


recently i had to go through my massive pile of RSS feeds and delete a bunch of feeds...little p.'s getting super mobile and the mister has gone back to working outside the house which = little to no dedicated computer time for me during the day unless the aforementioned little p. blesses me with a nap (never a sure thing). and i also had to put a moratorium on adding any new blogs. sad, sad.
but i had to make an exception for the wingtipper, the adorable blog of london-based illustrator kate wilson. her introductory post defines the blog as such:

"Breathtaking magazine editorials, fashion, even out roaming the streets of London, I hope to fill my sketchbook with everyday inspirations.
My mission is capture them all, be it that perfectly worn in leather bag unselfconsciously slung over the shoulder of a journeying business man to the little jewelled buckle on the shoe of a graceful woman tapping her impatient feet as she waits for her morning coffee."

what that means (as far as i can garner): amazing little detailed fashion drawings of things that move her, and, as shown above, whimsical drawings of herself in dream outfits, coupled with sources for pieces represented, listed in a way that seems reminiscent of the style we use over at wardrobe_remix and other places (natch).
too cute, so different, can't help but make time to keep makes me wish i could draw better, or hell, find the time to draw again (and GET better)...someday, someday.


see also: the what i wore today drawings pool, created by gemma correll, & it's accompanying blog...

sarah moli newton applebaum


nope, it's not fashion-related, it's not style-related, but so what? i like it and it's fricking overwelmingly amazing. it's quite possibly fiber-tastic (is that a word? if not i'm officially coining it now). "it" is the installation work of sarah moli newton applebaum. see more here.

see through: all my things by helga steppan



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much as i'd like to say otherwise, i'm a (rabid) collector. i love *things*. i love digging around in shops, finding interesting things, displaying them in my home, and making connections amongst the things i've collected. i also sort my things by color, especially my clothing (it hangs in the closet in rainbow formation).
also, there's that thing i harp on all the time, about how our clothes, and really, everything we own, speaks volumes about who we are and what we want the outside world to think we are.
and of course...there's my obsession with color. yeah.
so, given all that, it's no surprise that i am especially attracted to this project by swedish-born artist helga steppan, entitled see through: all my things, wherein steppan (in her words) created "a series of twelve photographs [...] in which [she] audited all [her] personal belongings and divided them into a full spectrum of colour groupings," the point of the whole thing to be to "ask the viewer to consider whether they can discover the artist’s persona reflected in the meticulously constructed installations of her material possessions."
i ask: what would your things say about you?
(via i heart photograph)