blogs i love: the wingtipper


recently i had to go through my massive pile of RSS feeds and delete a bunch of feeds...little p.'s getting super mobile and the mister has gone back to working outside the house which = little to no dedicated computer time for me during the day unless the aforementioned little p. blesses me with a nap (never a sure thing). and i also had to put a moratorium on adding any new blogs. sad, sad.
but i had to make an exception for the wingtipper, the adorable blog of london-based illustrator kate wilson. her introductory post defines the blog as such:

"Breathtaking magazine editorials, fashion, even out roaming the streets of London, I hope to fill my sketchbook with everyday inspirations.
My mission is capture them all, be it that perfectly worn in leather bag unselfconsciously slung over the shoulder of a journeying business man to the little jewelled buckle on the shoe of a graceful woman tapping her impatient feet as she waits for her morning coffee."

what that means (as far as i can garner): amazing little detailed fashion drawings of things that move her, and, as shown above, whimsical drawings of herself in dream outfits, coupled with sources for pieces represented, listed in a way that seems reminiscent of the style we use over at wardrobe_remix and other places (natch).
too cute, so different, can't help but make time to keep makes me wish i could draw better, or hell, find the time to draw again (and GET better)...someday, someday.


see also: the what i wore today drawings pool, created by gemma correll, & it's accompanying blog...