hard won.

hard won!my diploma finally arrived today! seems i graduated with honors! how nice.

i actually almost shed a tear at the sight of it, as i pondered (and shuddered at) the actual cost of that piece of paper, not to mention all the mental and physical stress and whatnot i went through to get it! *groan*

however, the diploma did arrive a bit wrinkled! i blame both the new school (who are notoriously negligent in things of an administrative nature), and also our local post office...they do not have a very good track record when it comes to all things mail. *sigh* but it's here, and for that i'm thankful.

i must also admit: i miss being around people, learning, and having something significant to do. yes, i need a JOB. :) that will be one of my major tasks once i get to san francisco (one month until the big move). i'm truly yearning to get out there and work and do something with myself professionally...whatever that is. working for someone, working anywhere, working for myself, etc. making money and paying back what i owe, saving for the future.

things in our apartment are in a state of disarray at the moment, as the process of sorting through our things and doing a little packing has already commenced. i'm ready and eager to get out there, to california, and to get settled, and to start the next part of the journey...