wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week.

it's been a couple weeks since i have posted some of the latest and greatest from wardrobe_remix. i've been busy! but, clearly, so have these seven wardrobe_remix(ers): they are working hard staying cool in this ridiculous summer heat! :D verhext: 7_19 lucky olive: July 20 2006

sjwhidden: 18.07.2006

spin_me_til_i'm_sick: what i wore 180706

melovescookies: think for yourself. think for yourself.

warholuva: wardrobe_remix 23 july.

bethany_eowyn: bethanybox

as always, it's extremely hard to pick just a few to highlight! there are so many stylish, amazing folks over there at wardrobe_remix. it makes me so proud! *sheds a tear*