told you so.

from nylon magazine dot com: told you so.

see, i'm not the only one who's convinced that acid wash just may be back... :)

besides pondering the return of acid wash (TOLD YOU!), i've been doing some thinking about other old things that be due for a resurgence:

-shoe clips -clip-on earrings -grandma shoes -leotards -jumpsuits -overalls -circle skirts -rompers -bonnets -berets -suspenders

yes, some are already coming around again...

tell me: what do YOU think is poised for a comeback, or something that is currently flying under the radar and should or could come back that hasn't already done so?


and a random addendum:

alison kelly

pete and i saw alison kelly of project runway 3 walking down prince street near broadway, heading west earlier this afternoon.

many disagree with me, but personally, i really liked her. i felt she had amazing personal style and was, in my somewhat (?) educated opinion, shafted. the whole show is going to hell in a drama-filled handbasket. boo on bravo for making the show kinda suck. they better not oust michael now, damn it. i wish i could say i won't watch anymore, but ugh, you know i will. :P

anyway, it was random, interesting.

damn, i'm going to miss living in NYC. :(