back in black.

contrary to possible popular belief, i'm not a rainbow-clad one trick pony. even i have been somewhat influenced by some of the trends forecasted of the next several seasons (which favor beiges, LOTS of greys, black, lipstick hues, among others), and while i may not be into some of the major trend offerings (like grunge-redux: not for moi) i am especially inspired when it comes down to matters of color.

i've been having a bit of a love affair with greys and beiges of late. i LOVE color, especially true, saturated, bright hues, but as i've mentioned before, i rather love the idea of mixing those bold hues with neutrals in a studied, intentional way. i can't see myself dressing from head to toe in ALL neutrals, but a touch of them here or there works for me and my personal style statement.


quite recently, i thought it might be a good idea to add a good, somewhat basic black flat to my shoe wardrobe...not surprisingly, black is not well represented in my shoe wardrobe at this current juncture!

it's increasingly important to me that any brand new shoe i deign to purchase from here on out must look and feel well-made. if i'm going to make the investment, the shoe has to have good bones to start off with.


some favorites, from

sigerson morrison: love the polka dot cut out pattern here. simple, chic.


dolce vita: cute triangular & other geometric-shaped cut-outs this time around, and the ubiquitous peep-toe, a staple or cog (to borrow style bubble's recently coined term) in my wardrobe.


DKNY: i've been noting a lot of black ballet-style flats with floppy fabric bows surfacing a lot this fall. i'm not much for the frilly, or romantic...instead, i really favor the look of the bold, structured, rigid, modern "bow" on this DKNY flat shown here.

tribeca (kenneth cole): simple. a bit sexy, with the slingback and the peeptoe. practical (with the low wedge). a shoe like this is quite chic and modern on it's own, and would also let a flashier outfit stand out without stylistic competition.