busy goodbyes.

only a few days left now. keeping busy...yo. ...and packing up the last few this-es and thats.

the yo-yos above (with hundreds of their friends that haven't been made yet) will probably be made into a huge curtain or wall-hanging, methinks. easy, mindless hand-sewing. i love the idea of hundreds of things repeating like that, and the idea that each one was fashioned by hand into a whole. (conscious, careful, intentional) handmade is love.


i want to take the time to say goodbye to everyone i met here in new york (if you happen to be reading). i met so many wonderful people here...i had such a crazy time here, school took up so much of my time. i am ridiculously happy that i even had the chance to even live here. living in new york city was my lifelong dream. when i first got here, i gushed, "i feel like i was meant to be here my whole life." living here was the first time i EVER felt at home. this is where my soul feels most at ease. this creative place, so open to anything and anyone, so diverse.

i'm finally done with school, and whoosh, i'm leaving. i love you, new york. i feel like we barely had the time to get to know one another, and just as i was getting to know you on a deeper level, away i go.

thank you to all of you, teachers, colleagues, fellow students at parsons, friends...thank you for being in my life. please keep in touch, and visit me on the left coast if you like.

suffice it to say, i'm ridiculously sad about leaving. i'm actually trying to hold back tears now; i've been pushing them off for weeks in straight up denial. i've been trying to put myself mentally in san francisco already in order to not be upset at the thought of leaving.

it occurs to me that my leaving new york is like a breakup or death...i have been (privately) going through all the stages of grief.


here's hoping my experiences in san francisco will be as amazing as my experiences in new york have been. i'm committed to making the most of the city by the bay, and of myself once i'm finally there.

life goes on.