9.2.2006apartment hunting clothes. found a great (no, TERRIFIC) place, but they don't accept pets (we have 3 cats that we've had for almost a decade and will not give up). bastards.

-70s sunglasses: thrifted in jacksonville, florida last month when we were down there for pete's sister's wedding. -gold tone/animal print square shaped clipon earrings: thrifted somewhere, sometime, along the line. -tiny acid wash levi's jacket: thrifted in jacksonville, florida -beige rayon scarf: H&M -acid green overdyed embroidered indian dress: brand new with tags, but thrifted at thrift town in SF's mission yesterday -orange ribbed tunic length tank (unseen/under dress): american apparel -vintage levi's skinny jeans: thrifted at the salvation army, e. 23rd street, manhattan -beige vintage yves st. laurent heels: thrifted in jacksonville, florida last month -that ubiqitous gold bag that i carry everywhere: marc by marc jacobs


finding a job is a concern.

too bad i can't thrift for a living...i'm damn good at it.