wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week

people have been joining wardrobe_remix like mad! i love it. not sure what's bringing people there (if you know, tell me!), but i can't complain. thanks again to all that participate, and all who have helped make it grow. it would be nothing without *YOU*.

one tough thing about more people joining: it becomes increasingly difficult to pick just a few to show off to you each week! i suppose that's not a bad thing, whatsoever! so i've included a few more than usual this week.

lebonbonmulticolore: Fancy Friday

swiss army knife: outfit 290806

kampleofeudoxus: wardrobe remix - 31 august 2006

vasiliisa: 04sept06

jungle dream pagoda: What I wore today

wear my stuff: Wardrobe remix 07/09

kimberly_lewis: September 7th

as always, click on any photo to view each W_R's details and commentaries concerning their outfits, and to view their photostreams.

viva la flickr!