bits and bobs...

i really like this quote about fashion, trends, and street style by diane von furstenburg (who happens to be the president of the fashion trade organization, CFDA), from an article in the wall street journal about counterfeiting in the fashion industry, that was linked to/posted about in the very, very interesting blog about fashion/style & intellectual property/law, counterfeit chic: WSJ: People argue that copying propels the fashion cycle because it creates trends.

Ms. von Furstenberg: You will still have trends. Why all of a sudden is everything yellow? Why all of a sudden do young girls wear combat boots?

It starts from the street. That's the mystery of fashion.

nice that she's giving credit where credit is due. the REAL trends, the amazing new ideas, come from the grassroots, from creative, everyday folks who push the limits, experiment, and express themselves. yes, there are plenty of creative, innovative designers out there, but if you ask me, many of them depend a little too much on trend forecasts, and the alleged zeitgeist. i think we all get influenced by trends in fashion, if we're fashion lovers, but things really get interesting when people push themselves and the expectations of themselves and the world at large by trying something new. i'm sick of seeing the same thing from so many designers, and i'm also more than a little sick of people blindly following what's given to them fashion-wise by the fashion industry at large without thinking about what they are doing or whether it really works for them or their personalities.

on that note: i have yet to take a look at the NYC fashion week offerings as yet. part of me doesn't care, really! but in actuality, i'll likely drop in toward the end of the madness and see if there's anything that appeals...but for now i'm holding off and thus withholding my commentary. i'm enjoying just making and not giving into the hype, for now.


lately, i've been ridiculously addicted to this new bookmarking tool called stylehive...someone tipped me off to it's existence a couple weeks ago by adding my blog as one of their bookmarks over there. basically, it's a "collaborative shopping community" where stylish people can share products, blogs, designers, stores and such-like. anyone who's been reading my drivel for an extended period of time knows i like to post and share photos and links of things i love in my this is a collection of said links that others can look at, explore, and share. i wouldn't be sharing this if i didn't think it was neat (and HELLO...addictive!!)...i don't recommend things unless i really like them or think they have merit.

here's a link to my bookmarks over at stylehive, to give you an idea of what i like and how the site works: you can also add any hive to your feed-reader (there's an RSS feed button on the page/in the address bar). pretty neat, huh? :D


so, how have i been keeping myself busy these past few weeks? by knitting and crocheting until my hands ache....and thrifting way too much.

some in process knit & crochet projects include:

-some wool/mohair crocheted bonnets for the fall (i might sell them, if anyone is interested in buying anything from me anymore!) -a giant mutli-colored stole/scarf made from noro's "blossom" -a small raglan swing coat made from a rainbow palette of leftover bits of chunky wool/mohair yarn -a granny square afghan for a baby arriving later this year, in white and canary yellow -that completely self-designed acid green sweater i posted about back in july, which i am waiting to put together until after i take a class at artfibers next weekend about sweater finishing (i can't wait! nicely finished knitwear beats the pants off nicely knitted but crappily constructed knitwear any day!)

pictures to come in the coming weeks. i'm waiting on the arrival of my dear penelope (my dressform) to take proper shots. she probably won't be arriving for at least a couple of weeks (our stuff is still in storage in NYC). i'm yearning for her, and really, all my creative tools (namely, my sewing machines). soon, soon, soon.