it's a long shot...

so, i understand there are a few of you out there reading. :) so i'm asking for a favor:

if you have ANY knowledge of fashion design jobs, or clothing companies based in san francisco, PLEASE TELL ME. or if you know someone who might know something, anything, could you ask them if THEY have ANY knowledge of any company in the area?

i need your help.

any tidbit of information you have is appreciated.

i've been doing a little research, trying to find companies with design offices based out here. so far, i've found:

-levi's (jeans, natch) -jessica mc clintock (formals, prom dresses, mostly) -margaret o'leary (knitwear)

still looking.

p.s. the gap doesn't count...i believe their design offices are in all based in NYC, and the marketing and etc. is here, and i do not have education in marketing, and would not feel secure pursuing a job in that specialized area.

there have to be at least a few more companies. or am i completely deluded? i know there aren't many, as SF is not a big fashion center, but since i am so new here there is so much i don't know about this city and what it actually contains/has to offer.

small companies, big companies...any that are hiring, or really, just any that happen to exist out here, so i can keep them in my notes.

it would be so great if there was some sort of organization, some listing of companies in an area, and what industry they are in! if only such a thing existed.