wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week

oh, you pretty things! the latest and greatest from wardrobe_remix: design that kills: september 8, 2006

persephassa: day23

beesting: Wardrobe Remix 3

liebemarlene: Primary colors to brighten up yet another gloomy day in the Midwest

elegantmusings; 9-14-06

vasiliisa: 12sept06

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keep on keeping on, lovelies. :)


p.s. tell me about your favorite blogs... especially if they have to do with:

-fashion -design -modern design -independent makers/artists -art (particularly fiber, but anything amazing/cute/modern/unusual) -street fashion

anything i don't already have listed in my blog roll (to the right side of my blog) would be best.

i subscribe to many many but i'm always on the lookout for more eye candy (of the word or picture variety).