if money was no object...

...i'd add these lovelies to my accessory wardrobe tout-suite: these cute ka-boom cloud earrings from otterotto jewelry:

they are the right mix of cute/graphic/and a little sexy (with the dangling chain lightly dusting one's shoulders!)...they would look quite fab with a slinky black silk vintage bubble dress, maybe something with bare shoulders? luckily, i just thrifted something completely appropriate to be paired with these superduper lovelies!

(and BTW, check out the rest of otterotto's jewelry...amazing, amazing, cute, cute!!)


one or five of these delicate yet bold porcelain brooches by anne black (sold at greenergrassdesign.com):

they would look so amazing scattered over the top/shoulder/chest area of an oversized sweater dress...


i love the cartoonish look of these tree necklaces by giant jewels (sold at day-lab.com)


i recently found a pair of oversized 70s sunglasses at a thrift, and i wear them constantly. this hand-crafted pair by iWood @ the sustainable style site greenloop.com is the eco-chic, super luxe version of those glasses of mine, in the most unexpected (and sustainable!) of materials: (exotic bubinga) WOOD.


i love oversized knits/knits with huge gauges, but they don't always flatter everyone, and every shape when done in the guise of sweaters or dresses. this soft knit collar/cowl by hortensia @ girlshop.com (done all in garter stitch, just so you know if you're not a knit-wit!!) gets it right...it's just around your neck, all cozy, warm and statement-making.

the alpaca takes it to the next level, making it drape just so.


(click on any to visit the sites and buy the products!)

(also, all these and more have been added to my stylehive! i've been carefully selecting items and adding them to said 'hive, to form a highly-edited section of links to products that are on the cute/irreverent/modern/trend-forward/street-style tip, should ye be interested.)


and this? well, this i'm definitely adding to my library/coffee table stack!:

why, it's nylon magazine's new book of street fashion snaps from around the world! recently hit the shelves, i hear. just the thing for a street-style (photography) addict like myself. :D