i've been keeping my eye on the (london and milan) shows, of course. but, again, increasingly, i'm noticing that most of the collections don't move me...and i am becoming less and less interested in general. i do like some of the playing with volume that's going on, and even some of the neutral tones showing themselves more and more in many collections, but overall, there isn't much i love. and you know what? that's okay by me. i take this as a sign that i know what i like, what works for me, and i'm not slavishly following any trend...just because it's there. i am finding that i have no inate inner drive to keep up with what others are keeping up with. i'd rather be thoughtfully selective and reserve my energy and joy for what i really love, what really moves me...what suits who i am: who i have always been, what i will be. i'm letting myself follow things more organically, and finding inspirations in things closer to home, rather than heeding the dictates from the fashion machine.

and instead of focusing too much on what others are doing and trying to keep up with the fashion "joneses"...i'm still yearning to just develop and explore my own original ideas: accessories, garments, and so forth. as soon as my studio bits and bobs officially arrive, i'm planning on diving into the serious task of developing my first tentative collection. it will be very small, but significant. i've been talking about this for some time, but i think i am ready to get to business on this matter in earnest as soon as is humanly possible.


all that said, there were a few choice collections and pieces that did move me.... :)

one design team that always seems to please me is london's eley kishimoto. shown here are some of my picks from their spring/summer 2007 collection:

more can be found here: http://www.eleykishimoto.com/photo-blog/spring_summer_07/

i love that eley kishimoto started out as textile designers, and then segued into being womenswear/women's accessory designers (and more). they develop their own fabrics, and it's abuntantly clear that they completely delight in this facet of their work. their designs seem to be on-trend, but also seem completely original due to their original, irreverent fabrication. i love that they love and delight in the use of color, while others are turning away and following the dark palette trend like sheep. i love that they follow their own muse, and i love how they mix art and fashion in an easy, intellectual way.

all the above photos are from eley kishimoto's website. they also have a blog here: http://www.eleykishimoto.com/blog/


and a few picks from italy's etro, via style.com:

another designer unafraid of color (thank goodness). i love how veronica etro has mixed bright, busy, patchwork-look prints with black tights and shoes and other black clothing, giving the bright dresses and such a little edge, and allowing the colors to really pop with the contrast.


i'll post a few more picks soonish, from twinkle by wenlan & perhaps a few others.

i'm also looking forward to seeing what sonia rykiel and tsumori chisato show in paris...

and on the off chance that anyone knows: did jessica ogden show this season?