inspiring blogs

i'm all about the eye candy.i am also all about sharing, with you.

i particularly like blogs of other creative people and artmakers. i like blogs that have photographs. i like people who are THINKING, DOING and MAKING. & following their own muse. transcending the ordinary, being extraordinary.

i like to think i am creative now and then, but, DAMN, these amazing people kick my humble, has-a-long-way-to-go ass all the way around the internet block. what i do: mere dabbling, mere dreaming! :)


kris atomic is a fabulous illustrator from the UK. you can see some of her amazing, poppy, modern/retro doodles and illustrations here:

this is one of her blogs: i love how her blog is mostly photographs (her own, & of things she loves or that inspire her), like a scrapbook. pictures really are worth millions, if not thousands of words.


someone recently turned me on to alicia paulson's blog, posie gets cozy. hers is the penultimate craft/life blog: gorgeous photographs of her work shot in her droolworthy, colorful, amazing home. she also runs this craft retail site, rosy little things: ***

susie of brit (fashion) blog style bubble trancends the inane trend-slavishness of most fashion blogs, and looks at what's now, what has been, and what will be in the most irreverent, intelligent manner.


i am completely sick with internet envy over the creative force that is san francisco artist/crafter/blogger, lisa congdon.

lisa blogs about her work (art and craft), life, and related subjects here: her droolworthy, colorful, amazing pad was recently featured on apartment therapy: san francisco: and she recently opened a webstore, where she's selling her art (and soon, her craft?): ***

i'll tell you about more about creative, fashionable internet denizens as time slips into the future.


tell me about blogs YOU love. don't be lazy. comment!