11.5.2006 + the apartment, in progress

i looked like an elf on sunday. just being crazy and mixing up what's left in my closet after the big post-cross-country purge of '06. also, making kissy faces at my black cat, girl.


-rust colored hand-knit alpaca cowl: knit by me -chartreuse linen shift dress with giant chrysanthemum print: marimekko -green 70s square-neck vintage tee: thrifted in florida. -black leggings worn like tights: newport news (from when leggings were hard to find several years back) -black ankle boots, folded down: thrifted last week @ thrift town, SF. -red-orange plastic bangle: thrift town, SF. -green plastic bangle: beacon's closet, williamsburg, brooklyn. -red-orange enamel earrings: thrifted in florida. -green lucite cocktail ring: alexis bittar


the apartment is starting to come together:

marimekko wallhanging and things

living room looking toward windows/porch

will likely replace these ikea chairs with the eames plywood lounge chairs i've mentioned before around these parts, most likely in walnut. when we can afford them, of course. no huge hurry. new mid-century hand-tiled table for now, i'm happy with the IKEA lounge chairs we have...

the table is a new acquisition. it's a mid-century piece, which was hand-tiled by an artist, perhaps a potter? new couch and coffee table

new jonathan adler pillows! made in custom colors i chose. i heart them. happiness is... i am also considering making my own needlepoint pillows, to join these on the couch, in shades of red, orange, and green, of course.


still need a rug (perhaps a tan or off-white flokati, as mentioned), a small side table, and a nice lamp for said side table in the living room. i'm really loving this lamp from crate and barrel:

or, as i kind of like the idea of adding a little white into the decor, in small doses... this cute giraffe lamp from jonathan adler is mighty cute: http://www.jonathanadler.com/shop/product.php?cat=385&productid=16768

or any from him, really...he's amazing!