personal. obsessions.

silk noil 60s dress

i've been thinking a lot lately about personal visual obsessions.

sometimes, when one opens their eyes to certain things (like colors, shapes, motifs, and the like), suddenly it seems as if the object of our obsession is everywhere.

one of my obsessions is the juxtaposition of orange and green.

sometimes i feel like i am a little insane, being so obsessed with color! i often wonder if i seem freakish with my obsessions and experimentalism in this realm, dashing colors together with what must seem like abandon!

i keep falling in love with how colors look next to one another. i love to play.

often, i'll just be sitting there, flipping through a magazine, watching tv, walking down the street, or making art (in the form of my sewing, knitting, whatever) and suddenly, i start to fixate and meditate/daydream about/on certain colors and combinations and i think about ways to experiment and test my color ideas.

lately, i've been thinking a lot about grey and orange, too! i love the idea of such a contrast: the blindingly bright against the neutral, and the disparity in the values.

at the moment, i'm also rather entranced by textures, or shapes, or patterns, such as:

-large bleach spots on denim
-felted wool
-the simplicity of smooth worsted wool knitted in stockinette, so all fashioning marks are seen (in knitwear), or really, in any stitch pattern.
-walnut or teak wood (that warm, medium tone of wood), but really any wood
-the glossiness of glass or sheen of some ceramic glazes
-the exotic, luxurious, varied feel and look of snakeskin
-the nubbly, flat look of needlepoint wool on needlepoint pillows
-the crinkly stiffness of linen
-patchwork anything. anything in a tiled format, or anything pieced together from somewhat disparate parts.


what colors or textures are you obsessed with?

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