mission windows and reflections

on tuesday, i had plans to meet my exceedingly lovely friend sarah (who is a fashion-loving creative gal, a former resident of brooklyn, and is also a recent transplant to SF!) at the st. francis for milkshakes and conversation. i left my house and took the 33 muni bus from my 'hood on the hill to the deep recesses of the mission, and arrived a half hour early. while waiting, i took some photographs of the windows and reflections around me.

mission windows

mission windows

mission windows

mission windows

mission reflections

san francisco is a ridiculously colorful city. i am delighted by the lovely colors and textures that abound here. san francisco's color is on people, on buildings, as well as the land,sea and sky around the whole of the bay. (oh, those lovely old multi-colored victorians!)

new york was wonderful but very grey. the color was inside her people, their creativity, their bustling energy, not so much her buildings.

slowly, cautiously, my eyes and heart are opening to this place... which at first seemed so foreign, so strange, so different than my beloved NYC.

i'm starting to like it here.

there, i've admitted it!


i plan on taking my camera out for more adventures. she likes it.