it's funny how different the weather is from day to day here in san francisco. yesterday, pete and i did a 11 mile bike ride all over the city, and it was mild, lovely, and sunny. today was foggy from the get-go and cold.

i'm shown here on the way down off the top of the hill i live on. behind me is mount sutro/twin peaks.

on a completely different (but relative to this photo) note, my hair is so fried from processing, i had to cut it off quite a bit. i almost want to shave my head and start over.

-black vintage vera scarf: bought for mere pennies at a vintage store going out of business sale in soho, nyc. -black aviator style twill jacket: urban outfitters -white souvenir dress from hong kong with a dragon on it, tied at the sides to make a bubble shape: thrifted @ goodwill, SF. -skinny jeans i always freakin' wear: miss sixty -metallic gold peeptoe wedges: bruno magli -black tacky 80s faux alligator/snakeskin bag that has a REALLY cool shape: thrifted @ salvation army, w. 47th street, manhattan -gold heart pin and gold pinecone earrings (unseen): thrift town, SF.


feeling a little out of sorts lately, a little off-center. i've been working a little more, and have had a few freelance projects as well, which have taken up some of my free time lately...so the sparse blogging continues.

still trying to figure it all out and get my bearings.

yearning to make more friends...they will come with time, of course. they always do.