stuff! and things.

more things falling into place. i found the white vases shown here (on either side of the milkglass vase in the center) @ IKEA. they remind me a little of jonathan adler's vases, which i unabashedly love. the orange rhinestones were a free gift from the bead guy @ san francisco's general bead because he was happy to discover that i loved the color orange. so nice of him! i'm loving all these textures together: the shiny, the matte, the wood, the organic (the shell and the bit of quartz)...against the orange metal tray i thrifted several weeks ago:stuff, close up

an illums bolighus candlestick holder i found yesterday @ a vintage furniture store in the mission: yellow illums bolighus candlestick holder

a handmade needlepoint tote i recently won off of ebay. i have been ridiculously obsessed with anything needlepoint lately. i have always wanted one of these needlepoint totes, for as long as i can remember. does anyone else but me recall that chanel did a riff off this kind of needlepoint in one of their accessory collections in the late 1990s (give or take a couple years)? vintage needlepoint tote


still working on that yo-yo curtain... more yos.

i have been knitting a few of these scarves over the past few months...a simple feather and fan stitch, out of smooth wool. i am about 1/3 of the way through this particular scarf. i love the feels very old-fashioned to me. mindless knitting


i have noticed that i tend to get involved with lots of projects like the ones pictured here...projects that are done piece by piece, stitch by stitch. i suppose i like the idea of making all these little parts one by one that eventually make a whole. all the little parts and the process of making such things is very repetitive and by extension, meditative. i enjoy the meditative state my mind falls is during these meditative states that i contemplate future projects and pieces i would like to make: other knitting or sewing/clothing projects, paintings i would like to paint, sometimes interior design experiments i would like to try out in my home. i cherish these journeys inside the landscape of my mind. i look forward to these moments of unbridled brainstorming and creative thought, and seek them out whenever possible. these moments often mean being alone, or being quiet...which explains why i spend quite a bit of time alone. but it's okay by me; i'm really a rather shy, introverted person. i may dress loudly and have my opinions and like to go out and socialize at times but mostly, i really crave quiet, productive moments.

i do a lot shopping alone...i find it works better for me. especially for clothes, thrifting, and the like. i know a lot of people like to shop with friends and get their opinions, but i find the presence of another person distracting, and if they like similar things, shopping can quickly turn into competition. when i go shopping, especially thrifting, i sort of fall into a meditative state just as when i'm knitting or making something. i think about where that object will fit into my life, house, or closet, if i *really, honestly* love it, if it has good design...things of that general nature. it's hard to think when friends are around...being alone gives me space to think.

random questionings: do you like to shop or make alone, or do you like the company of others? are you an introvert, or an extrovert?