it's been a long, quiet, productive, lovely weekend. i always wish the weekends would never end. this one is no exception.happy thanksgiving from girl. *yawn*, says girl.

thursday we cooked an organic, offbeat thanksgiving dinner for ourselves and a friend we knew from florida way back when, who happens to live in the mission. a spread of a few artisan cheeses and fuji apples, pork roast with rosemary and garlic, homemade macaroni and cheese (from a's the secret to making it taste orgasmically good), yams with molasses topped with a gouda tinged with blue, and a spinach salad.

yesterday we participated in buy-nothing day...and instead, i dug deep into my mending basket and hemmed and fixed a myriad of things. things i bought ages ago and have been meaning to get wearable. it felt SO GOOD to do that...and rather than buying a bunch of crap that stores foist upon us every holiday season, i made great things i already own more awesome and wearable.

today we took a short bike ride over to the de young museum, which is in golden gate park (and actually visible from our house here on the hill), and i got another look at the gee's bend quilt exhibit, and the amazing wire sculptures by ruth asawa, that almost look like they were knitted or crocheted, in some cases (they very well may be, but it did not seem clear from looking at them). her sculptures were often fashioned in these organic shapes that reminded me very much of sea creatures, or alien life forms i would imagine floating and undulating in a serpent-like fashion through the atmosphere of someplace like jupiter, if that lovely large planet actually supported life.

(photo from the de young website.)

the art that so often moves me is the kind that is made of fibers or akin to fibers. somehow, there is always a thread connecting back to fashion, to the clothes i (and you!) wear on my/our back(s)...somehow, some way.