wardrobe remix column in adorn magazine!

remix_redux in adorn magazine

i just wanted to share: i now have a wardrobe_remix column in adorn magazine! the article features fabulous photographs of stellar, stylish wardrobe_remix participants. this is the first of a continuing series, featuring spring-ready skirts and dresses, and the photographs of vlada, isabelle hayes, melissa di mauro, jessica rolland, and jill danyelle (of the great sustainable style blog fiftyRX3).

the article is in the spring 2007 issue...i'm really proud of how it turned out! thanks, adorn!

btw, the whole magazine is pretty fabulous, and features a lot of names and creative work of names you might recognize, such as lisa congdon, melissa dettloff, shannon okey, susan beal, and an interview with amy sedaris. (an aside: i love amy...her new book "I Like You" was given to me as an xmas gift, and it made me laugh so hard i seriously almost peed myself. it's THAT good.)

go get it!