dress doctor

just a quick check in...since it feels like it's been forever. and it has. but i have a litany of excuses:

a.) working, working, working.
b.) pete got the flu. i took care of him while he was sick.
c.) subsequently, i got the flu. this post is actually an ill-advised dispatch my from my fever-addled brain. i feel like "poop on a stick" (my fave silly expression to say when i feel like doo-doo).

anyway, before i got sick, i did some restyling on some thrift finds:


i've been like a dress doctor lately, fixing up dresses i find at thrifts that need a little surgery to make them more wearable, more me.

one: got new buttons along the sleeves (which are open, it's pretty neat), and was shortened quite a bit.

two: was shortened, and has a tie in the back to tighten the bust, made from fabric that was trimmed off from the bottom.

three: used to be strapless. shortened it, and used the trimmed off portion to form the straps.

four: hacked off the bottom, made a channel for elastic, so it has a bubble shape. more of a tunic length now.


back to bed. *cough* more in a few days when i'm feeling more human.