attempting to inspire myself

i've been sparse with the blogging, i know. i have been finishing up some work this week, and i have oral surgery/wisdom teeth removal tomorrow (yay.), but in the coming weeks i hope to be ramping up my creative output again, and i also want to post here in the blog more...about things i see around the 'net fashion and art-wise that i love, like the if money was no object... posts, other blogs and sites that inspire me, perhaps wardrobe_remix-ers o' the week again, plus all the updates on what i'm working on and want to work on. more, better! that sort of thing. to inspire myself, i've been pouring through my flickr 'stream, looking for stuff i made in the past that i particularly love, in hopes it will inspire me with my future creative ventures...

textures 1 (aka, yo-yos!)patchy straight skirtgrannies.

fall 2007 page 2

bezold effect collages


i'm extremely inspired by patchwork at the moment (well, i always have been, but very much more *right now*). must. do. more. with. patchwork. and not in the expected ways, either. i want to find boundary breaking ways of using it, even if those boundaries are only the ones i have yet to cross in my own personal explorations...