you (inspire) me

as always, you inspire faves of late note all the patchwork! hah.


still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction, which was last friday. i've been being a big baby and have spending a lot of time on the couch vegetating but i am finally starting to feel a little bit better! yay.


working on:

-a pile of re-fashioned thrifted lovlies i need to post to wardrobe refashion. i've been bad and haven't been posting there, but have been making and doing, and i think having the flu and surgery may cover me as an excuse. in my defense, i haven't been shopping at any mass-retail type places for clothing, so i have kept my word!

-a striped a-line short sleeved top-down raglan tunic using this wool i bought several weeks back simply because i adored the way the colors looked together.

-the striped tunic sweaterdress, which is still in progress but very near to completion. sadly, i thought i had enough to complete the whole thing from stash, but did not, and was forced to purchase more, which i'm waiting to be shipped to me.


on the topic of fashion in the larger sense:

interestingly, i have yet to really look at ANY of the fashion shows of the past three or so weeks. i probably will eventually examine the current collections of designers i love and have always loved, but you know what? i'm not missing the keeping up with the trendmill, as it were, and i am increasingly just enjoying finding peace in following the little offbeat fashion drummer that resides inside my soul, and i am also trying to find and make what's really me, with less influence from the big fashion movers and shakers. i think i will eventually take a peek at what's what, but i'm not in a huge hurry.

i am increasingly more interested in seeking out small, thoughtful labels of independent, artistic designers and makers. people who make a beautiful product but aren't necessarily part of a huge multinational corporation that is purely profit-driven. i want to, in the future, highlight these special people more in this here blog-o-rama. if i am going to look and want, i want to concentrate on looking primarily at the things that are special and amazing and authentic.

and of course, seeing what people are wearing on (my baby!) wardrobe_remix, hel-looks, facehunter, and the myriad of similar sites is what i find far more interesting than the marching of lithe models in unaffordable, often unwearable clothes. REAL PEOPLE are interesting. real everyday fashion that comes from the minds and closets and cultures and creative minds of real, everyday people who exhibit extraordinary personal style is what REALLY inspires me.