my husband and i spent last weekend in monterey, california, enjoying each other as much as we enjoyed the monterey bay aquarium, which is brimming with sea life that is so amazing and stunningly beautiful, that it almost seemed almost unreal. like these jellyfish, for instance, that fluttered through a bright blue tank of crystal clear water. they were nothing less than art in motion. looking at them, i was instantly inspired by their vibrant colors and sculptural, symmetrical yet organic shapes. their tentacles remind me of strings and yarn and they had "ruffles" along said tentacles, that fluttered beguilingly in the water as they moved.

monterey bay aquarium jelliesmonterey bay aquarium jellies

suffice it to say, my mind is filled with a myriad of ideas just looking at these stunning creatures: ideas for potential pieces of art, ideas for fashion-y objects...