purl's swatch portraits (and) the work of jen stark

two amazing, beguiling forms and ideas from the 'net ether that have invaded my creative mind and entranced my always searching eyes: these so-called "swatch portraits" made from liberty of london fabrics that have been framed by embroidery hoops were created by purl soho, a fabric and yarn purveyor out of new york city.


i first spotted them purl soho's blog, the purl bee (to whom the above photo originally belongs and where it was originally posted). their blog is simply amazing and always inspiring...packed full of lovely and innovative ideas for stylish needleworking fiends and friends, and their store(s) are dangerously, dangerously fabulous and brimming with aesthetically pleasing piles of decadently delicious yarn and fabric. if you are in new york, do yourself a favor and stop by.

i love that they are simple circles and i think it's neat how they frame and elevate each bit of fabric, making each one stand out as something important and special. when grouped together, using the various sized hoops, they become EVEN MORE special, almost perhaps like a bit of conceptual art, a miniature installation of sorts.

as i don't have direct access to a passel of liberty fabrics at the moment (wish i did!), but do have access to my own collection of riotously colored and printed vintage fabric and scraps, i'd love to recreate this idea to decorate and further brighten up some corner of my house...

i can also envision painting the embroidery hoops to add an extra element of color and interest...


i simply adore these geometric yet organic construction paper sculptures by artist jen stark:

the top ones remind me of topographical maps...and (big surprise!) i love the rainbow colors.