clip those skinnies!

two of the biggest staples of my closet are a.) skinny/slim cut jeans, and b.) boots. you too?

ever notice the pesky bunching that happens about the knees when wearing them together?


sucks, doesn't it? wanna do something about it?

then this post is for you!

page 122 of the march 2007 issue of lucky magazine had a great little blurb about the elastic pant clips used by equestrians, and how they are a brilliant trick for avoiding the bunchy fabric that happens when one tucks the aforementioned slim or skinny jeans into the aforementioned boots.

here it is!:

skinny jean pant clips tutorial 1

okay, yes, you COULD just simply buy the elastic pant clips from an equestrian supply store such as dover's saddlery (the source mentioned in the lucky piece)...

OR you could make them yourself, like i did!

interested? up for a little DIY? it's RIDICULOUSLY easy!

what you'll need:

-two (2) pieces of elastic, 3/4" wide, and 7 1/2" long -four (4) suspender clips (1" size) -four (4) sewing pins -ruler -scissors -sewing machine -polyester thread to match the color of the elastic -pinking shears (optional)

skinny jean pant clips tutorial 2

for starters, you need to measure out two (2) lengths of 3/4" wide elastic. each one of these lengths needs to be about 7 1/2" long.

tip: if you desire a cleaner look and less fraying at the ends of these lengths of elastic, you can use a pair of pinking shears to make a smart zig-zag edge.

skinny jean pant clips tutorial 3

slip each of the ends of the elastic into the oval-shaped rings of the suspender clips (two for each length of elastic, natch), folding approximately 1" of the elastic down towards what will be the backside of your elastic pant clips, and pin in place, as in the photo above.

now it's time to head over to the sewing machine!

skinny jean pant clips tutorial 4

sew the fold down 1/4" away from the pinked/cut edge, and approximately 1/4" or 3/8" away from the clip, to hold the clip in place.

skinny jean pant clips tutorial 5

i recommend using a very, very narrow zig zag stitch, if your sewing machine has one, to give the stitch some stretch (as it's in that super stretchy elastic) so the stitches won't pop and break. i actually did two rows of stitching, one over the other, to make the stitching super durable.

skinny jean pant clips tutorial 6

and you're done!