new favorite finds

surely someone out there in the largely silent ether of the internets can relate: do you ever thrift something, just knowing it will be your new favorite thing in your wardrobe? do you delight in the fact you paid so little for such, as i do? do you revel in the fact that you're giving something another chance at a new life, a new interpretation?

vintage cocktail hat

the perfect black thrifted pumps

vintage cocktail hat with bow

all of the above were thrifted within the week: two black cocktail hats, the perfect pair of 70s vintage lee jeans with wide hems, and simple but chic black vintage pumps with faux alligator texture.
i have been thinking a lot about hats lately...and by lately i mean the past several months, as this post way back when can attest. this photo of jonesy80, one of my very favorite wardrobe_remix(ers), reminded me of my desire for such.

Rockin the Red

i love how she's paired it with more modern threads. mixin' it up, if you will.
i'm not so much thinking of fedoras or bowlers or other super structured or masculine toppers, but hats that are really little feminine fripperies, such as pillboxes and cocktail hats. i like the idea of wearing them with a modern dress, or with a revealing tank on the weekend, while doing something completely casual, like scarfing down a hamburger or slurping down a beer. the visual juxtaposition of such, the ironic thought of it, appeals to me.
in my fashion fantasy land, cocktail hats are comin' back, with a vengance. i'll be rockin' those pictured here unapologetically.