the funniest thing happened to me last week.

the funniest thing happened to me today.

i was in thrift town on mission here in san francisco last wednesday, doing a little thrifting, as i am wont to do weekly. as i passed by the men's section, two extremely stylish african fellows who happened to be from FADER magazine stopped me and complimented me on my outfit. and asked me if they could take some photos of me. seems they were in SF from new york to do a street fashion feature here. they took a bunch of photos of me in the alleyway across the street from thrift town for about 15 minutes. it was pretty hilarious because there were lots of passers-by (aka meth/cokeheads) looking on and rubbernecking like i was some sort of model/celebrity. *big snort*

this was one of the polaroids from the shoot, my parting gift.

if there's one thing i'm proud of, it's that i have a personal sense of style that i feel is unique, and i felt really flattered that someone noticed! sort of a vindication and validation of my one claim to fame! plus, to be honest, i always wished something like this would happen to me one day, and it did. funny how the universe works. :P

if i make it into the magazine, it will be the next issue, may/june 2007. if it doesn't, no big deal either. either way, it was a neat moment, a funny little gigglemaking experience for me.

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