wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week

it's thursday already? seriously? wow.
there are just about 3400 people in wardrobe_remix as of this very second? seriously? WOW.
that number made me do a double take! so to commemorate, a few of this week's picks of fab wardrobe_remix(ers) feature two for one's, in more ways than one!
feytwee: grayday (how killer is this photo? goddamn.)
mbibelot: 3.22.07 (how cool is the print on her dress? very.)
memepunk: 03282007 (how amazing is that graphic hoodie? enough to make her jump.)

midoritsuru: mar28 (how can she be any cooler? she's got it going on.)
vasiliisa (and fellow WR'er sjwhidden!): 28mar07 (how could this photo be topped? it can't...it's helsinki's dynamic duo!)
remember: you can click on the photo of any of these terrific wardrobe_remix(ers) to learn more about their photo or outfit, and explore their flickr photostream. all of the photos are owned by the awesome people who are depicted in them, of course!
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