me and WR on threadbanger!

apparently bits and bobbins (that'd me me, and uh, the blog you're reading right now...) and wardrobe_remix were featured on threadbanger, "a web-based network for people who make their own clothing". how bad ass of a concept is that? a pretty freakin' cool one. here's the episode with yours truly in it.
i'm def. gonna check out the rest of the videos when time allows!
go, check 'em out!
thanks to the gorgeous and talented mallory, of the indie style blog miss malaprop whose recent blog post about her being featured on threadbanger brought this to my attention! big ups/thanks to threadbanger and mallory! (w/o her i would have had no idea!)
p.s. threadbanger's most recent video also mentions galadarling, who i've mentioned here before, quite recently. i mean it, go read! her blog is like an amazing fashion and lifestyle magazine that touches on everything from marriage to how to get a great tattoo, to defining what is chic, all from gala's irreverent and joyful perspective.