gettin' graphic


finds from this past week or so, from thriftin'.
suffice it to say, i'm feeling a great graphic push at the moment, in my personal style and expression of such. it's not a new thing, but it's particularly acute at the moment...i'm actually craving that which features bold, abstract prints that are at once restrained and intentional as well as BOLD. no small, introverted, uber-feminine, flimsy stuff for the likes of me.


ever since i wore the red frilly high-necked blouse over my green handmade jumper and acid washed jeans in one of my most recent wardrobe_remix shots, i have been absolutely rabid for making similar looks with what's in my closet, what i can concoct with with the help of my trusty sewing machine and fabric stash, and what i can find from thrifts and the like. i like the girlishness/demureness inherent in the look, the graphic style possibilities, and the potential for warmth through the layering.
so i'm all about the jumpers right now! making them that is.
case in point: i made a striped denim jumper from some striped vintage denim i thrifted ages ago, and a vintage pattern i have in my collection:

denim jumper

denim jumper close-up

the facing of the top of the jumper is fashioned from some african fabric that was sent to me by eireann of ohbara, who's living in france at the moment. she sent me lots more, in a bunch of lovely patterns and colors. i had planned to use most of it to make a riotously crazy patchwork tote bag, but decided to utilize just a little bit in this jumper dress because it just seemed right.
sure, it can't been seen from the outside, but that's okay by me. i love when clothing has a thoughtful secret inside of it that only the wearer knows...interesting lining, secret pockets, beautiful taped seams that took lots of time, and the like. when i make clothing i try to add things of this feels warm and almost unnecessary, but i like making the extra effort.


other similar jumper/pinafore ideas are in the works...the perfect partner to those great graphic blouses that i've been thrifting like mad!