bashing the trendbashing

it seems to me that one of the mainstays of the fashion world, and of the fashion blogging world is following and tracking trends.

what's new? what's now? what's in? what's out? who's wearing what? who looks good? who looks bad?

it is interesting, yes.

but with some, it's about rating, making judgments, making pronouncements, offering opinions of this sort:

-"i'm SO SICK OF SEEING _____ [fill in the proverbial blank], i could PUKE."

-"everyone's wearing that, it's SO OUT NOW....[this new trend] is in now, people."

-"i'm totally not wearing [that trend] anymore, everyone's doing it, and i just don't want to be associated with it anymore."


what is that all about, really? i want to know...what is the psychology behind this?

-is it about wanting to be seen as au courant? is that really important? if so, how important?

-is it a defense of your personal style, not wanting to be "copied"?

-is "copying" offensive? is it inherently "wrong"?

-can you really prevent "copying" or the "copping of (a) style or look"?

-is new better? is original better than that which is ubiquitous?

-will the world end of someone cops your look? wears what you love?

i want to delve into this more...i yearn to know, to discuss this feeling, this push inside of us that makes us want the novel, the new, the original...


so many fashion movements of the past decades have had connections to the past...we are, as a culture, often looking back and finding inspiration in that which has come before. the bulk of designers look at what has happened, filter it through the lens of the present, and deliver something "new", either on a conscious or subconscious level.

fashion is cyclical. what's "now" today, will be "out" tomorrow. and give it some time, and it might be "in" again.

people in positions of power (magazine editors, fashion industry people, etc.) want things to change...they have a financial and personal stake in the trendmill. new styles equal new opportunities to make profit off the sale of the latest "look". if the trend changes from season to season, year to year, they provide consumers with the motivation to purchase, lest those consumers appear "behind the times". we live in a culture (in the west, primarily, but it other locales increasingly as well, with globalization) that is about consumption...good or bad.

BUT, here's the thing, TRENDS are really all SUBJECTIVE, though culturally driven.'s just ARBITRARY.

you don't have to listen to the pronouncements, the dictates.

if some of it makes sense to you, awesome!

if it doesn't, who cares?

will the world end if someone laughs at us for being behind or in front of the times?


i believe these words to the bottom of my heart:

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, past or present, is UP FOR GRABS, up for consideration, is a fashion possibility.

ON THE RIGHT PERSON, anything can work. i mean that. ANYTHING. in or out or otherwise.

trendSETTING is about calculated, thoughtful risks.

and it is for these reasons, more than anything else...

that i willfully, purposefully suggest this:

let's, once and for all, bash the trendbashing.

anybody with me?

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