travel journal

in order to remember and celebrate my recent travels in europe, i decided i would keep a travel journal in a moleskine i've had for some time that was laying fallow.

travel journal page one
travel journal page two
travel journal page three
travel journal page four
travel journal page five

it was a lot of fun! as you can see, it's packed full of random tickets, maps, postcards, pamphlets and other pieces of ephemera i collected on the trip, along with my crappy, illegible handwriting detailing some of my thoughts and observations along the way, along with some half-assed doodles, embellished with colored pencil, markers, and gouache paint (the last of which i picked up at an art supply store i stumbled across on my travels).

so, it's not exactly pretty, but a lot of fun and great for filling up bits of downtime (like, when riding on trains between cities, decompressing at the end of the day, and so forth).

i'm still working on it (time got away from me)...i want to add more drawings, color, and the like, and i want to add some photographs from the trip as well. fun fun!