wardrobe_remix at Maker Faire, SF Bay Area!

just wanted to get the word out: i'll be doing a little presentation on wardrobe_remix this coming sunday, may 20th, from 12-12:30pm at the Maker Faire, Bay Area, in san mateo, california!

the subject? basically, what wardrobe_remix is all about, how it started, what makes it special, how to participate, and what makes a good w_r photo! stuff like that. cool? cool.

plus, i'll be giving out thrifting tips and suggestions ways to mix up your wardrobe, too! fun, right?

so if you're already planning on being there and checking out all the fun makers and fun exhibits and stuff, why not swing by take a listen, and assure me my public speaking skills aren't completely horrible!?

heck, you could even introduce yourself!

spread the word...and see you there!