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A Real Live Sack Dress

Bizznezz as usual

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name: Hoyan flickr handle: hogan wren age: 18 location: The Netherlands website:
what do you do for a living? or, if you are a student, what are you studying?
I'm a first-year medical student.
what are your passions/obsessions?
Too many to name! I like to crochet and I'm not bad at it. I also like the idea of knitting and sewing, although these skills come rather difficultly to me. Furthermore, I love reading and watching movies and tv, and lazing about. (Not really the passionate type, haha).
what inspires you?
Fashion-wise: all kinds of costume and uniforms, from ethnic to folk to historical costume and the way people in certain clubs or cliques or social levels or subcultures dress accordingly. The 'codes' and meaning of it all is endlessly fascinating. Other-wise, I'm inspired by dreamy movies like 'In den tag hinein' and 'Nobody knows'. Movies like that where you feel like the characters are moving underwater.
how do you define "style"?
I would have to say it's when what you wear/how you look makes you happy. And it shows!
how would you describe your personal style?
A bit of everything.
how does your background (personal history, passions, culture, nationality, etc.) come through in the clothes you like and wear, if at all?
Well, about two thirds of my clothes are hand-downs from family members, if that's what you mean, haha. We've travelled quite a bit and lived in different countries, so personally I am really keen on all kinds of national dress- I just love the meanings, colors and patterns. In my daily life though flamboyance is not so appropriate, so it's all about finding a balance between function and decoration.
choose one item in your closet that you feel completely expresses your personal style and/or aesthetic. describe it. what is it and why is it "you"?
That's tough to say- my style varies so much. I suppose one of my outfits last week, a blue dress with a striped sash, was quite typical. It had subtle colors, a bit of old-timey influence in wearing the sash, and was quite youthful (although it feels strange to say so of myself).
do you collect anything? if so, what?
Bottlecaps, and tights. I think I have over twenty pairs.
what are some of your favorite places to shop when you want to add to your wardrobe? online? locally? anywhere in the world? why are these places favorites of yours?
I do most of my shopping in Hong Kong when we return every other year. The choice there is much (much, much) larger than here, no one here will have the same things or even the same style of things and the prices are much better. That's why Hong Kong is the best! For the most part I only buy winter things like shoes and tights here. And of course my mother's closet is a major clothes source for me.
does your location (where you live) affect your style? if so, in what ways? describe what your city is like in regard to fashion.
Not really, except in terms of weather. There is no dominant fashion 'type' besides the usual generic trends, but I'm happy if I see someone wear a color that suits them or just looking good. I don't need to be in any fashion capital.
what do you think is next in terms of fashion? perhaps something that is currently flying under the radar, but could be really cool an popular later, or perhaps something amazing you'd like to see more of that needs to come back or be the new thing?
Recently I've noticed that catwalk trends from 1997 seems to be back again (for instance: yellow and black, space age, and 60s silhouettes). So I suggest we look at 1998 for what's next, haha. Beware, sugarplum styles could make a comeback! Personally I've seen knitted/crochet shorts here and there on the runway these past few seasons- they may not become a big trend but they are very special.
you are super creative with your clothes! share a creative tip or idea about a way people can remix/style their clothing in a fun or innovative way.
Throw all your clothes in a big pile and find things that go together which you could never have imagined before (that's how I do it!). Invest in color, too. It makes you feel good.
style icons: do you have any?
Charlotte Hatherley, because her style and her attitude are one and the same.
how did you come across wardrobe_remix? why do you post there? What do you like about it? has anything positive come about for you as a result of posting to the community?
I came across it by browsing flickr for fashion photos, I think. I post because everyone is so positive in their comments, and that's what I like about it. The positive thing is that I get a lot of ideas there, have a lot of fun, and meet all these great people who are part of wardrobe_remix!
other favorite wardrobe_remix(ers)? who, and why?
le-chat-la-la~, nemrešpobjećodnedjelje, and humblechan come to mind- they really have their own style and always look cool. and everyone else, of course.
anything else you'd like to say?
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