if money was no object...

it's weird...i used to search the internets all the time for cute things. i don't do it so much anymore!
but i did manage to scrape a few things together for an if money was no object... post. there's always a little something something hanging about and haunting me, of course.


i'm not so much into silver these days (too gaga for gold instead), but i like the perfect wonky yet carefully considered modernness of these dangling earrings by trinkitsch (who, by the way, sells lots of other lovely pieces i wouldn't mind snagging). this particular pair reminds me of the mobiles of modernist sculptor alexander calder.



i've long been a fan of the shoe designs of british cobbler tracey neuls (aka TN_29). i'll take any of these, please:

Picture 3.png

speaking of offbeat/cool footwear, does anyone out there know of a shoe blog focusing on irreverent, original, fashion-forward shoes? i'm NOT talking shoewawa, so don't suggest it. something more independent?...something more "design-y", less "designery", if that even makes any sort of sense to anyone except me! hah.
anyone, anyone? comment if you know of anything.


most logo tees bore me, but i like the overall graphic print across this one for delia's:


a bit childlike, but it makes me smile. interesting how the whole tee has been considered a canvas for design and print, not just a logo or image slapped on the front, etc. i like that. inspiration for some screen printing work i'm currently doing, in a loose way.