san francisco fashion week: why SF fashion will remain second-rate

i am taking a small break from my break to make this small post...but after this i am going back into my hidey-hole for a few more days. i just couldn't hold this in!


via jennine of the coveted, i learned that the organizers of san francisco fashion week, at the direction of their PR director donna barry, are refusing to give out press passes to legitimate san francisco/bay area based fashion bloggers, and instead are only giving them to "accredited" fashion journalists, buyers, and stylists.

who decides who is "accredited" anyway?

delegitimizing smart, savvy, independent fashion writers who happen to blog in the manner linked to above suggests that such organizations consider such individuals a threat to the establishment/status quo.

this kind of behavior on behalf of SF fashion week smacks of elitism, close-mindedness, and ignorance.

a smarter move for SF fashion week, or any fashion week?

to ally itself with bloggers and technology, SF and beyond! hell, without silicon valley, this area would not be awash with as much cash as it is...give credit where credit is due, and join with the local infrastructure to better your business. heck, it might HELP YOU, SF fashion week! it would extend your reach by giving you further coverage, and hell, it might even raise profits. isn't that the point?

fyi, SF fashion week: smart, savvy bloggers can disseminate information hundreds of times faster than magazines, newspapers, and other "accredited" "traditional media"...increasingly so as time marches on. i suggest you take note and ponder the possibilities, and resolve to be more inclusive.

and consider this: many good fashion bloggers get in the tens and hundreds of thousands of page views per month, if not more. recognizing and working with these bloggers could HELP you in the long run. practicing this kind of insular, defensive, elitist behavior is just shooting yourself in the proverbial foot, because you run the risk of alienating a core group of aesthetes who hold an increasingly large amount of power.

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