red (again)

just got back from having my hair done. yay!

-red plastic jewel clip-ons: goodwill, haight street, SF.
-yellow tank: j crew
-red peasant blouse: beacon's closet, williamsburg, brooklyn (i think? can't remember.)
--gold belt: thrifted
-denim skirt: mission thrift, SF
-red leggings: AA
-gold lucite ring: pierre bosset, bought in paris when i was visiting there in may
-brown boots: goodwill, e. 23rd street manhattan

sadly those boots are on their last legs. the leather is so brittle and they are splitting every which way. no!! *sniffle*


so, i guess i am sort of back from my little break, though i'll probably take it slow for a bit. thanks for all your kind words and well wishes. i appreciate them greatly.

i do feel somewhat refreshed. it's been a rough month or so for me mentally for a myriad of personal reasons, which i won't really go into. so, this past week i spent some time with friends and my husband and just did some thinking about where i want my life to go from here on out: things i want to accomplish, where i want to go professionally. that last one is a big one. i haven't nailed anything down exactly yet, but the process of making those decisions has been started and is now in progress and that's a good first step.

i feel as if i spend too much time on the computer...and not enough time doing productive things. so i think i will somewhat lessen my time here. if ye only knew how much time i spent online! ugh! it can be a time suck.

spending more time away from the computer will allow me to be productive and do more things i want to do. what things, you ask? well...

-designing a line of clothing
-writing more
-drawing more again
-learning how to paint
-making fiber art (perhaps building up a portfolio)
-spending more time with flesh and blood friends

don't worry...i'm not going away completely, just seeking to keep myself sane by readjusting my priorities and habits.

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