if money was no object...

a few lovely things i wouldn't mind acquiring...if, of course, money was no object...


deborah rice was a neighbor of mine back when pete and i lived in brooklyn. a former model and all-around beautiful person, deborah makes the most exquisite hand-made metal jewelry...all of it has a very sexy, sculptural, organic feel. there's something almost visceral about them, with the ripped, gaping openings, you know? but it's good. i particularly love these dangling earrings and this asymmetrical necklace, part of a larger collection that deborah is now offering:



i can totally imagine these particular (or any of the pieces in her body of work) with a very minimal black dress, upswept hair (if i had any!) and lots of bare skin...any other kind of busy-busy ensemble would fight for attention and take away from their simple, yet standout look, methinks.


from a recent post on shiny squirrel i found the label figmint. i'm loving the relaxed, arty feel of their fall 2007/winter 2008 collection...the hoods, cowls, drapes and fabrications (knits, primarily) exude a laid-back aesthetic that conversely suggests quite a bit of attention to detail.




i suspect that part of the reason i am grooving on this particular label/collection because i tend to be all about the comfort factor when it comes to clothes, mostly...wearing lots of knits, cowls (that i typically make myself, like this or this), leggings, tights, boots, and the like.
and actually, admittedly? a big thing that really appeals about these looks above, is the styling, i.e., the black tights with brown platform sandals or brown boots, not even the clothes themselves, which are of course, definitely lovely, as said. weird the things i fixate on, ha!