paula sanz caballero

the work of spanish fiber artist paula sanz caballero, while utilizing materials typically associated with "craft," transcends those outdated stereotypes to truly become art. her spacial sense is amazing...she uses the form and texture of fabric and thread to create an image with an amazing amount of depth.
i strongly suggest that you peruse her work on her site to get a better look at the details...her work and craftswomanship is absolutely stunning.

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png
(detail of a larger work of hers)


in the interest of diversity and the desire to veer away from fashion a bit, i'll probably be including posts of this type occasionally (on art, craft and design, particularly when they are fiber-related)...i had been doing it on rare occasions up to now, but i'd like to feature some of that a little more going forward. what inspires me and moves me goes beyond garments and accouterments! it's all art to me, and my background is in both.