favorites and...stuff.



it's set to be a crazy couple of weeks at chez royal. pete and i are moving in two weeks (yikes! but yay!) and the packing process has already begun. and i have a lot of work to do the next couple of weeks (away from home at my new part time gig, and at home with other worky-work), so...i'll try my best to check in and post here and there but no promises. :)

i'm excited about the move, though! not excited about the actual moving process (does ANYONE like that??) but more about being in the new, clean, fresh, bigger space. i'm already fantasizing that i am there! mostly mundane, home-body-ish stuff like drinking tea in my bright new kitchen, new (and new to me) pieces of furniture i'd love to acquire, how i am going to arrange my stuff (even plants and vases!), and the like.


so, besides moving (as if that isn't enough to think and obsess over, right?!) i'm obsessing over thus:

-wearing brash, bold, big earrings (vintage?) in two holes of each ear (proving more is more)
-thickly framed plastic eyeglasses is bright colors (nerd cool!)
-long, fitted knee length shorts
-finally getting to wear my sundresses!
-san francisco's wild parrots. i have seen them twice in the last week: a few of them chirping away on a telephone wire down the road from our house, and a whole flock of them swooping toward telegraph hill when i was up near north beach this past week. i'm taking it as a good omen. if you haven't seen it already, i highly suggest checking out the documentary, the wild parrots of telegraph hill. i saw it on PBS's independent lens a couple months ago, and i desperately hoped to see the pretty birds in person one day. i finally got my wish! they are so vibrantly green and colorful and overtly chirpy. they completely delight me!
-riding my bike! i've been doing that more lately. will do it even more when i don't have to ride uphill anymore (right now i have to ride up a massive hill to get home...so i usually pop it on the front of the bus)! hah! sometimes i wish i lived in the netherlands or somewhere flat and easy to ride. if i did, i'd have a bike like one of these!
-the indie sex documentary series on the IFC channel. titillating and fascinating.


before i forget!: if you're in SF, you should go to the opening of lisa congdon's solo show, the tenderhearted at the candy store, this thursday, september 6th. be there or be square...lisa's amazing and so is her work.

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