(thrift) finds.

some (mostly) recent (mostly) thrifted acquisitions:
from a secret east bay button mecca:


looks latin american in origin to me. i like the animals, natch:

animal pin

from kridaracraft's etsy shop...a tiny thai patchwork bag that i absolutely adore:

thai patchwork bag

the black one is my most recent liz claiborne bag...i seem to have amassed a small collection of such over time. as my online pal swan diamond rose recently said in the comments on this photo over at flickr, these old liz bags seem perfectly right right now.

oh, liz.

there's just something about their bright colors and the geometry of triangular liz logo that seems relevant again.
i was happy surprised to find out the bust of this crazy lace number fit *me* in the bust area. shock and awe!

80s cocktail dress

i don't plan on wearing it as is, even though i'd like to (these girls need a bra!)...so i'll probably pair it with a tank top or perhaps even some kind of button down something or other.